How might we...? Conference and Dates

3 days / 26 experts
30 workshops and talks


What is How Might We…?

How Might We…? is the universal language of applied innovation. This vocabulary and behavior is integrated into every step of the Simplexity process, your tried and tested tool for innovation. At its core, Simplexity is a peer-reviewed, scientific process for innovation which has real-world application in the corporate and higher education sectors.

The How Might We…? conference welcomes you to learn and participate in the most dynamic and innovative problem-solving method. Collaborate, learn and sharpen your skills with our global network of practitioners to improve your applied innovation success, from the classroom to the boardroom.

This is an opportunity to:

  • Engage, interact and collaborate with individuals of diverse innovation backgrounds
  • Share and showcase your knowledge and experiences to learn from others
  • Find out from Thought Leaders “How did we?”
  • Discover new directions and opportunities

What will the event look like?

Structured around three statements, the conference will bring the concepts of applied innovation to every area of your life

How are we? – We will present and explore foundational content as well as current case studies underway at Basadur and P&G, other corporate applications, public sector and health care.

How did we? – Sharing of case studies/success stories with tangible results that you can learn from.

How might we? the vision – Inspiring you to apply Simplexity to take on & solve the world’s toughest challenges.


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Purpose of the conference

Network, learn, and sharpen your skills to improve your applied innovation success at any level from the classroom to the boardroom. How might we…? is the universal language of applied innovation and innovators. How might we…? behavior is integrated across every step of the Simplexity process , the premier human centered applied innovation process built on industry experience and scientific research.

  • Simplexity is the backbone of all innovation methods
  • Basadur Profile is the lifeblood of the backbone – take it before you come!
  • This event, presented jointly by Basadur and the P&G GYM, will unite the full spectrum of the Simplexity community, ranging from innovation solution seekers through practitioners, thought leaders and experts in organizations

This is your opportunity to:

  • Engage, interact and collaborate with individuals of diverse innovation backgrounds
  • Share and showcase knowledge and experiences to learn from others
  • Find out from Thought Leaders How did we…? (make it work)
  • Discover new directions and opportunities
  • Strengthen and contribute to the Simplexity community of practice
  • This is not a bunch of speeches by “experts”. It’s an investment in the future and purposely value priced

What will you take from attending?

The conference welcomes you to come and learn and participate in the most dynamic and innovative problem-solving methods. Network, learn and sharpen your skills with our global network of practitioners to improve your applied innovation success, from the classroom to the boardroom.

  • Learn to use, integrate and flex the Simplexity process in every situation
  • Adopt practical ways for you and your staff to make better decisions, innovate and revolutionize your business
  • Build expertise in advanced challenge mapping, pre-consulting and strategic and implementation planning
  • Share your stories and benefit from sessions led by experts who have used Simplexity to solve problems across an extensive range of industries Benefit from sessions led by experts who have made it work. “what has worked”
  • Improve your confidence and gain inspiration for using Simplexity in new and different ways
  • Build mastery as you join practitioners from around the globe to share knowledge and best practices in applied innovation such as advanced challenge mapping, pre-consulting and strategic and implementation planning
Meet the


Our speakers bring their diverse perspectives on innovation and problem solving. These experts have used Simplexity to solve problems across an extensive range of industries. Their backgrounds range from research and academia to corporate innovation and design.
Min pioneered applied innovation in the corporate sphere before moving into academia. He founded Basadur Applied Creativity in 1981.

Founder, Basadur Applied Creativity

Dr. Min Basadur
Sue has more than 30 years of experience driving innovation in higher education, economic and workforce development, and public service.

President, Ivy Tech Community College, Indiana

Dr. Sue Ellspermann
Richard is an accomplished consumer product innovator and strategic facilitator for Fortune 500 companies globally.

GM, P&G’s GYM Innovation Centre/ Sr Research Fellow, Centre for Research in Applied Creativity

Richard Perez
Linda provides a broad range of consultative services to build capability and improve organizational performance with clients globally.

Director, Strategy & Organizational Design, frog Design

Linda Quarles
Darren has a long career in public service, having spent 4 ½ years in the Royal Canadian Horse Artillery before working as Chief Administrative Officer across Manitoba and Alberta. He now serves as CAO for the Town of Pelham.

Chief Administrative Officer, Town of Pelham, Ontario

Darren Ottaway
Mayor Dave’s career is one of direct community service. Prior to his election, he worked as a professional Development Manager at Women’s Place in St. Catharines, raising millions of dollars to assist abused women and their children.

Mayor, Town of Pelham, Ontario

David Augustyn
Paul is currently serving as President and Chief Executive Officer for the North Bay Regional Health Centre.

President & CEO, North Bay Regional Health Centre

Paul Heinrich

Meet the


Our Facilitators give you the tools you need to master the innovation process in any arena.
Shannon Wagers is a patent awarded, Consumer Products Innovator creating winning products for the last two decades. He is currently an Innovation Facilitator for a Fortune 500 company.

Program Manager, P&G GYM Innovation Centre

Shannon Wagers
Naush has worked internationally partnering with CEOs, functional heads and their teams and a track record of leading major initiatives focused on improvements in working capital, margin/pricing and productivity/efficiency.

Partner at Basadur Applied Creativity Canada

Naush Akram
Jacquie has over twenty years experience working as an internal and external consultant within the service delivery sector. Her knowledge of organizational development and her expertise in building strong customer-focused relationships enables her to provide customized solutions and work closely with her clients to ensure they meet their key business objectives.

Founder of The Strategic Play® Group Ltd. and Lloyd Smith Solutions Master Trainer in LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Methods

Jacqueline Lloyd Smith
Rob teaches entreprenreuship classes, develops and conducts leadership and innovation training, and leads innovation and team building facilitations both inside and outside Ball State University.

Director at John. H. Schnatter Institute for Entrepreneurship & Free Enterprise

Dr. Rob Mathews
Glen has decades of experience consulting with marketing, product development, product management and senior leadership teams on innovation strategy, the customer insight solutions that enable innovation, the cross-functional alignment solutions that create a context for change, and the brand-experience and communications solutions that connect customers with the products of innovation efforts.

Chief Innovation Officer, Quarry and Solution Architect at Carbon Design LLC

Glen Drummond
Jennifer is a Dynamic Speaker, Facilitator, Trainer and UnConsultant and works with organizations to help them Think Creatively, Solve Problems, Plan Strategically and make creativity & innovation a reality in their workplaces.

Keynote Speaker | Facilitator | UnScripted | Creativity, Innovation & Change | Creative Strategist

Jennifer Spear
As a former corporate executive, Mitzi held leadership positions in sales, marketing, operations, and general management during a span of 25+ years with Fortune 50 Companies– PepsiCo and Procter & Gamble.

CEO, New Season Coaching & Consulting Group & Adjunct Executive Coach, University of Oregon’s Executive M.B.A. Program

Mitzi Short
Sylvie guides leaders and their teams in the development of their competencies in high-quality decision-making, in the management of the innovation process, and the ensuing implementation of innovative solutions.

CEO, Effervescence Créativité-Innovation

Sylvie Gélinas
For over 20 years, Peter has led the design of decision support and educational services for clinicians, scientists, students and professional practices through design fieldwork and cognitive ethnography.

Associate Professor, OCAD University & Innovation Researcher

Dr. Peter Jones
Jim is a recognized leader in the highly competitive consumer products, financial services and technology services industries.

Industry Entrepreneur: Doer, Operator, Integrator, Inspirer, Developer, Facilitator, Instigator, Innovator.

Jim Jarratt
Sally is a specialist in design management and marketing support and has worked with clients in wide range of industries ranging from manufacturing to professional services.

Director, CEOSTRA Ltd & Acclara Ltd. & Business Consultant

Sally Brazier
Mark is a Health Care leader with extensive experience in leading strategic change, problem solving, process improvement and achieving results. His expertise lies in aligning people and creating teams to deliver on strategic objectives.

Senior Consultant, Stakeholder Engagement – Patient Portal, Health Information Technology Services

Mark Berry
Michael’s current research interests focus on opportunity recognition and development, design, innovation, and applied creativity. He specializes in offering strategic guidance during times of creation, change, and growth.

Chief Entrepreneurship Officer, Ball State University

Dr. Michael Goldsby
Tim is a certified trainer and process leader with over 20 years’ experience delivering and leading applied creativity projects for corporate clients as part of Basadur Applied Creativity.

Instructor and Faculty Member, Concordia University Chicago

Tim Basadur
Robert is a management trainer, coach and consultant who focuses on helping organizations attract, retain and increase the productivity of their human resources. He is a a pioneer in applying fundamental principles of neuroscience to management and leadership.

President of Myelin Leadership International

Robert Paris
As the Founder and CEO of Spatial Innovision, Silburn has shaped the local and regional geospatial industry in the Caribbean. He was accorded the GIS Lifetime Achievement Award by the Office of the Prime Minister in Jamaica in November 2009 and Spatial has been recognised as a Champion Services Exporter by the Jamaica Exporters Association and has won the Pioneers of Prosperity Competition for Caribbean Entrepreneurs.

Founder, Chairman and CEO of Spatial Innovision Ltd

Silburn St. Aubyn Clarke

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